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Academic Reports Newsletters 9-20


School of Management and Economics and the Base of Yunnan Modern management and New IndustrializationResearch will hold a series of academic reports from September, 2012. Ourschool will invite doctors or professors who have extensive experience inscientific research to give some reports for enhancing the scientific researchlevel of faculty and graduate students, promoting academic exchanges andcreating academic atmosphere.

On September 20, 2012 at 4:00 pm, the first lecture was hold in MBAlecture hall of School of Management and Economics. Professor Chen Yu, vicepresident of the college, gave an academic report entitled “the Experience forapplying for National Fund” for all faculty and graduate students. The report waschaired by Professor Wen Shuhui, Associate Dean. All the teachers of the School of Management and Economics (47 base chiefexperts and academic team members), and all graduates participated.

The report was organized around four sections: how to learn the fundguide; how to analyze the existing project; how to complete the applicationform; how to track the science frontiers. Combined with his experience engagedin research work, Professor Chen introduced the situation of National Nature Foundationin recent years. When it came to tracking the academic frontier, Professor Chenstressed on the importance of tracking the direction of the Outstanding Youthproject of Natural science Foundation. He also told us how to retrieve scientificliterature, and how to grasp  the latestresearch trends. Finally, he answered some questions.

All of the teachers and students like his presentation. Teachersgenerally believe that this is a good learning and exchanging mechanism toimprove the level of scientific research. Graduate students reflected thereport broaden their horizons and made them understand the trends of scientificresearch.