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Academic Reports Newsletters 12-6


Pro. Dou Wenyu, vice President of Business School in City Universityof Hong Kong, was invited to give an academic report "Firm capability, keypartner participation and Firm performance" on December 6, in MBA lecturehall.

Pro. Dou summarized six hot topics for marketing research from the forthcomingarticles in a large number of international top journals: Health organic,social marketing, personalization, social media, experience, goal (future). Hethought all of these good topics should have three characteristics: interesting,surprising, counter-intention. In the present marketing study there is a fusiontrend of different research methods. So we should carry out theinterdisciplinary research cooperation. Domestic universities should introduceforeign latest research ideas, and cooperate with foreign universities toimprove their study ability and level as soon as possible.

Then, Pro. Dou introduced his newest research in the marketing. Openwith an iphone for a global tour, he introduced the importance of innovation atthe value creation of enterprise supply chain. Based on the resources theory,this paper put forward "capability, innovation, performance" in theenterprise development path, and pointed out that the three importantenterprise ability: innovation capability, information system capability,relation capability. Lastly, he put forward a thought-provoking question: whatfactors are more likely to make the company into the enterprise’s value creationchain? Then, he answered this question respectively from the market dynamicsand product complexity.

Pro. Dou introduced a method how to choose a good topic and his latestacademic research with their own personal experience. All of these widened ourhorizon.