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Academic Reports Newsletters 10-11


In order to enhancing the scientific research level of faculty andgraduate students, promoting academic exchanges and creating a strong academicatmosphere, the School of Management and Economics and Yunnan modern managementand new industrialization research base hold an academic presentation in meetingroom 301 of the old building at 4:00 pm on October 11, 2012. Prof. Wen Shuhui,vice dean, was invited to give a report for all of the teachers and students.

Prof. Wen made a report entitled “International Sub-regionalEconomic Integration and Progress ". The report was chaired by Professor Qin Kaida, the dean of the School of Managementand Economics. All the teachers and graduates participated.

The report had two parts: the basic theory and the integration trendof international sub-regional economic. First, Professor Wen introduced thebasic theory: concept, theory development, the theory originator andorganizational forms. Then she elaborated the integration trend of internationalsub-regional economic with emphasis on regional economic developmentdifferences. Finally, Pro. Wen introduced her experience of the National Fundapplication.

The faculty generally considered, this lecture is a good experience sharein scientific research. Pro. Wen not only shared the experience of the NationalFund application, but also told all of the students a deeper knowledge andunderstanding of the international sub-regional economic integration.