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Academic Reports Newsletters 10-18


AAAcademic Reports Newsletters

At 4:00 pm, October 18, 2012, the School of Managementand Economics and Yunnan Modern Management and New Industrialization Research Baseheld an academic report lecture in MBA lecture hall. We invited Pro. ZhouChangchun, the Associate Dean, to give a report on the Method and Practice Experienceof the Qualitative Research. The report was chaired by  Pro. Wen, the Associate Dean.All the teachersand graduate students took part in the meeting.

Pro. Zhou did a comprehensive introduction on qualitative researchmethods. First, she made some analysis and comparisons between qualitative researchand quantitative research. We found there were many differences between them,such as research objects, research logic, research basis, research standard andso on. Second, she emphasized on the significance for qualitative researchmethods. Then, she introduced the practical application of qualitative researchmethods in social science research. Finally, Pro. Zhou answered the teacher'squestions.

The lecture of Pro. Zhou won the praise of the faculty and students.The teachers and students thought that Pro. Zhou help them understand qualitativeresearch methods the more accurately and use this method more properly in thelearning and research.