The 13th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management


June 24-26 , 2016 , Kunming , China

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Submission Guidelines

Paper Submission Process

1. Please format your final Camera-ready paper According to the IEEE format Style Download.

2. Go to IEEE PDF eXpress: http://www.pdf-express.org/ to check if your PDF file format is acceptable by IEEE PDF eXpress. Details of PDF check process are enclosed.

3. If PDF eXpress check passed, then please submit your electronic version of your Camera-ready paper in both .PDF (make sure there is no page number on each page) and .DOC files to: Email: ICSSSM2016@126.com. Each paper is limited to 6 pages.

4.Please fill in the IEEE copyright transfer form IEEE Copyright and Consent Form and send to ICSSSM2016@126.com.

How to use IEEE PDF eXpress to check your paper

1. Please format the paper using the IEEE template we provided on the conference website.

2. Go to website: http://www.pdf-express.org/

3. Create a IEEE PDF eXpress account by click “new user”, entering basic contact information; gets confirmation of account creation email. Note: Conference ID is: 38568X

4.Check your paper: Login in IEEE PDF eXpress website using your Account---click “create new title” and fill related information---- Upload source file(s) (Word, Laytex, PDF or others) for PDF Conversion and checking; get email confirmation of file receipt. If a PDF is submitted: you will receive an email stating that PDF Passed or Failed the Check. If the PDF fails, a PDF Check report is attached to the email. Author goes to account and clicks "Understanding the PDF Check Report" for solutions. If source is submitted: you will receive the IEEE PDF eXpress-generated PDF as an attachment, and through your IEEE PDF eXpress account. Review PDF to ensure that it views on screen and prints as you intended.

5. If necessary, revisions may be submitted (source or PDF); return to Step 4. Make sure that there are no grammatical, spelling, or content errors in articles prior to submitting to PDF eXpress.

6. When you have an acceptable, IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF, submit this final PDF to the conference.

Important issues and Suggestions:

1. You can upload PDF of your paper to check directly, or use Word of your paper. IEEE PDF eXpress will convert the Word Format into PDF, and then you can reload the PDF for checking. In order to avoid unnecessary error, it’s advisable to upload WORD format of your paper.

2. Never submit a revision to an existing title by clicking Create New Title. “Try again” will help you to recheck your paper. Please notice that you can check the same paper for no more than three times, if you exceed, please contact with PDFsupport@ieee.org.

3. Please delete Page Header and Page Number in the WORD Format before converting it into PDF.

4. Make sure there is no Page Number in each page before you submit your full paper to ICSSSM16. Download the above format requirements (in English) (in Chinese)

Formatting issues:

1.Title and subtitle should be normal rather than in bold or italics.

2.Abstract part should be in bold and the first word “Abstract” should be in bold and in italics. Keywords part should be in bold and in italics.

3.The sequence numbers used in table captions should be Roman numerals while those in figure captions should be Arabic ones.

4.The article should NOT exceed 6 pages.

5.Before you submit a newly revised article, please make it passed the check by IEEE PDF eXpress system.

Copyright issues:

1.Please complete the entire form in the top of the first page legibly, including: 1) Title of paper, 2) List of authors, and 3) IEEE Publication Title.

2.Please sign a copyright in English.

3.Please leave your contact methods in your email.

Formatting Guidelines

- All submissions should be written in English. And the length of your full paper should be no more than 6 pages.

- Please format your final paper according to the IEEE format Style (click here to download format example).It is the authors' responsibility to ensure that their submissions adhere strictly to the format.