The 13th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management


June 24-26 , 2016 , Kunming , China

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Kunming – known as “Spring City”, is the capital city of Yunnan Province located in the Southwest border of China. Being a vital role on ancient “Silk Road”, the city serves as the military, economic, political, scientific, cultural and transportation center in the southwest of China. Being a mysterious province, its abundant plants, wild life, varied landform and ethnic cultures brought Yunnan as the kingdom of “Plants”, “Animals” and “Nonferrous”. With the most geographical favorable location, Yunnan Kunming becomes the most important land gateway of China to Southeast and South Asia. The city is especially prosperous in tourism, ethnic minority dining, cultural exchange and commerce. Within the city, the most famous sights attracting travelers are: Dian Chi Lake, Yuantong Temple, Daguan Park, Golden Hall Temple and Black Dragon Pool. Outside Kunming, the most attracting sights are: Shangri-La, Lijiang Ancient Town, Xishuang Banna, Tengchong, Yuanyang Terrace.

Stone Forest

The Stone forest belongs to the typical Karst geomorphology, it consists of innumerable bizarre-shaped ancient limestone cliffs and peaks created by wind and water erosion some 200 million years ago, and this area is praised as the “First Wonder Under Heaven”. It’s inscribed as Nature Heritage by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) of UNESCO.


Situated in the northwest Yunnan Hengduan Mountains on the southern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Shangri-la means ‘the sun and the moon in the heart’ in Tibetan, referring to a place of idyllic beauty. As a loanword it appeared first in 1933 in the novel ‘The Lost Horizon’ by James Hilton.

Lijiang Ancient City

Located in the northwest of Yunnan, about 650 kilometers away from Kunming, Lijiang is one of the most famous city in China and the main residential area for the Naxi people. Lijiang is famous for its UNESCO Heritage Site. It was under the rule of the Mu family local commanders during the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.


Tengchong county were selected the most “must go” place in China. With natural scenery, cultural heritage, local folk customs, and economic vigor, Tengchong County became well-known in the Thermal Sea Scenic Area and the Volcano Park Scenic Area.

Yuanyang Terraces

Yuanyang County of Yunnan Province is well-known for its spectacular rice-paddy terracing, splendid cultures of various ethnic groups, and colorful ethnic festivals; therefore it is called the “hometown of Hani terraces” and the “hometown of the sea of clouds”.

Xishuang Banna

Xishuang Banna is the southernmost prefecture of Yunnan Province. The prefecture is nicknamed "Aerial Garden" for its luxuriant and multi-layered primitive woods and tropical rain forests, which are teeming with animals and plants.